A few picks from Saturday’s Zombie-Ball

Saturday was the end – the end of fall-ball that is.  To celebrate the last day of fall-ball the RGSA had an open invitation to all players and spectators to come “zombified”.

Of course, the Sluggers did not disappoint but we also had plenty of others dress for the occasion.  Here are just a few of those pics.  If you want to see the whole photo gallery from Saturday’s Zombie Ball just click on any one of the photos.

The Sluggers also played some softball and, with a little help from our new mascot Fred, the girls did a great job closing out the season.  Here are a few picks of Fred hanging around dugout.

Fred’s a great motivation for the girls and even though he tends to hover he still pays attention to the game.

Fred was such an inspiration that Sonny was finally able to hit that home-run she had been swinging for all season.  I’m sure the extremely spirited cheering from Coach Candice didn’t hurt either.

So, even though the Sluggers were kind of dead from the zombie plague they were able come to life with some great hitting and some fantastic fielding to end the season with a winning streak against two of the local tournament teams.

Good Job Sluggers!!!


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