Baseball Tournament at Charlie McVay

Since the city renovated the softball fields last year the Charlie McVay Softball Complex has been getting a lot of attention.  The Roswell Girls Softball Association has had one spring and one fall season on the fields.  There has also been a Charlie McVay Softball Tournament held by the city which was free to the participating ASA Softball teams.

With our softball complex looking as great as it does now it was only a matter of time that someone other than the RGSA would want to use the fields.  Well, that didn’t take long.  The local USSSA Youth Baseball board has schedule a couple of tournaments at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex and the first is in just a few weeks.

Now I know what you’re going to say.  “Boys on our field!!!”  “They have their own fields!  What do they want to use ours for?”
Now just slow down and take a breath. Yes there are currently at least three youth baseball complexes in Roswell but none of them have more than four fields.  With the four new fields and the three existing men’s fields, our softball complex has a total of seven.  That makes us the “biggest game in town.”

With the RGSA gearing up for our spring season but not active on the fields yet there is no reason not to share the wealth.  I have met with Ken Smith with the Roswell Parks and Rec. Department and he has been prepping the complex to help the baseball league with their tournament.  The city has improved the men’s field with renovated backstops, new infield mix and stabilizer, and a fully repainted concession stand – inside and out.  He also mentioned the city has brought in additional stabilizer for the new fields as well and has set new base plugs for the baseball teams.

To give the boys some help we have created a special page on the website.  For information on the first annual USSSA Alien Freeze Baseball Tournament click the link or you can find it in the menu at the top of this page.  There’s contact info and a link to register your team.

Good luck boys – we’ll see you at Charlie’s.


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