Registration Nation

As you know we had our third Saturday of fall ball registration yesterday at the softball fields.

We’ve had some good turnouts the two previous weeks but yesterday was really active.  So much so that we ran out of a few forms and had to make substitutions out of others.  We were planning on quitting at 1:00pm but stayed a bit longer because of the all the interest.

While registering a few of the players we learned that there were still more girls wanting to play but were just unable to get in on Saturday.  The entire purpose of us holding a fall ball season is to give as many girls the opportunity to play as possible.  So with that in mind I am posting the player registration forms for any players that may have missed yesterday’s opportunity to get signed up and we will extend registration until this Tuesday, September 17th.

  8u registration form

10u registration form  12u registration form

14u registration formRemember, the fee is thirty five dollars per player and we need to see a birth certificate to verify the player’s age.  Games will start on September 28th and go thru October 26th.  Games will be held on Saturday nights and one evening during the work week.

If you have a player or players that would like to sign up for this season download and fill out the form for your age division.  If your player played in the 2013 spring season use the same age division form.

Tuesday the 17th is the last day to register.

If you need any help or more information e-mail us at
You can also call board members:
Chris Martinez – 575-578-9084
Tommy Rincon – 575-637-9462
Denna Garcia – 575-317-6502


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