Sluggers – “Hair We Go Again”

Hey there all you Slugger fans. Just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s happening in Slugger utopia. Coaches ask us a lot of times how we get our Sluggers to do what they do, and we as a coaching staff always answer, “we bribe them.” That’s right, I said it, we bribe them. Ice cream, cash, stickers, etc. what ever it takes.

The Sluggers officially took first for the season, but now we are in our city tournament. The tournament started Thursday, but because we were the first seed our first game is Monday at 6:00. If the Sluggers can win the next two games they will take first for the city tournament as well. To keep you completely updated though with Slugger history, we have never made it past the first game in city tournament. Now, will Sluggers break that tournament losing streak, or will history continue to repeat itself?

To help motivate the Sluggers for success, Coach Tommy has been thrown to the wolves. The bargaining factor for the Sluggers was (drum roll please) HIS HAIR! All of it! Tomorrow night, if the girls win they will be playing in the championship game on Tuesday night. Hair clippers will be brought to Tuesday night’s game and if the Sluggers win that game, off goes his head….I mean hair.  This little incentive has been offered before but the clippers have yet to be used.  We’ll just have to see how bad the Sluggers want to see Coach Tommy’s shiny bald head. I gave a picture for inspiration.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Still laughing!!! Well, the Sluggers have their bribe, they understand what has to be done. Now, the plan needs to be put into affect.

Sluggers fans you want to see what’s going to happen, come tomorrow night wearing your lime green, and rally caps. Hope to see everyone there.


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