A long cold draft

The cold weather isn’t going to stop this draft.

Roswell has had a bit of unusual weather in the last few days.  We even had a little snow yesterday, not a lot but it is different for us.  Well, that cold hindered the turnout for the draft and we didn’t have nearly the number of players we should have.  With that said, the girls that braved the cold showed a lot of heart and some serious talent.

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As the Super Solid Sluggers fans we know that you all are, you know the Sluggers don’t really participate in the draft.  The Sluggers haven’t had to draft many players in the last few seasons.  So many teams have a large turnover rate when it comes to new players but not the Sluggers. Our players and team families are amazingly dedicated to the Sluggers and we retain more than 90% of our roster every season.  Of course this season is no different when it comes to our players coming back, but with an increase of new players in the league we had the opportunity to get one new player. The Sluggers are happy to welcome the newest member of our team – Kiara.  Kiara will be wearing the Sluggers #10 jersey and we’re glad to have her.

Welcome Kiara – we’ll see you at practice.


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