Coaches Meeting

We all love meetings.
So we’re going to have another one.

Depending on your age division, you will have a coaches meeting on Monday the 27th or Tuesday the 28th.
We will be going over rules, game times, and handing out your team rosters so you can start contacting your teams and scheduling your practices.
If you haven’t already turned in your paperwork, bring your Coaches App/Background Check and your HeadsUp Concussion Certificate. (you can email that second one if you like)
Team Sponsorship:
If you have it already, you can turn in your team sponsorship form and fee. ($250) If you don’t have it yet that’s ok. Just remember that team jerseys will not be handed out until your sponsorship form and fee is in.

For new coaches – we have a couple
If you don’t have any equipment yet, for a $150 deposit, you can get a set from the league. The deposit will be returned at the end of the season when the equipment is handed back in.

Meeting location;
– Smith Engineering, 401 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Meeting time;
– 6U Coach’s Meeting – Monday Feb. 27th at 6:00pm
– 8U Coach’s Meeting – Monday Feb. 27th at 7:00pm
– 10U, 12U & 13+ Meeting – Tuesday Feb. 28th at 6:00pm
this schedule info is also available on the league calendar here:


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