Fall Ball Registration Updates


The RGSA Board has reviewed and reconsidered some of the age restriction rules for this fall season. After a long review of previous rosters and existing player histories, the board has decided to allow players to “play-up”. That means, if a player’s parent / guardian wishes their player to compete in an age division above their birthday defined division then that request will be reviewed by the board. This is the same way “play-up” requests have worked in past seasons.
Also, if a player has already played in an older division there really is no reason to force that player back down to a younger division.

There is obviously a level of review and discretion that is involved. We will not be allowing a 6U player into the 12U division but overall “play-up” requests will be allowed. (FOR ALL AGE DIVISIONS)

AND, School Districts…..

We will not be dividing the league’s newest age division 13+ by school district. There was an original idea to promote the high school programs by placing players in their respective districts. The splitting of the 13+ division by school district lines will not be necessary.

Turns out that those high school coaches we were trying to help don’t really need our help. So be it.
We have two registrations left for fall ball, so come get signed up.
We’ll be at the fields taking registrations this Thursday from 6pm till 8 and Saturday from 10am till 2pm.

Click on the link in the following list to download the registration form for your age division.

Here is the age division break-down:
5&6 year olds,  –  6U FORM
7&8 year olds,  –  8U FORM
9&10 year olds,  –  10U FORM
11&12 year olds,  –  12U FORM
13 & older (high school eligible players), – 13+FORM


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