Ninjas in Farmington

Being a Slugger means a player has to be 50% athlete, 50% super hero and 100% ninja.
(don’t worry about the math – trust me it all works out)

When a friend of the Sluggers called and said they needed some help in Farmington with a tournament there was only one thing to do.  Buy some yellow duct tape….we don’t have to pack the bats, they’re always ready to go.

So the Sluggers, camouflaged in gold and gray, helped the Lady Dirtbags for the weekend.  We had some amazing hitting, some amazing pitching and some amazing fielding.  It was just a great weekend of Dirtbag/Sluggers/Ninjas softball.

How can you tell they’re ninjas?  They may be dressed as Farmington Dirtbags but only a ninja can make a bat flex like that. I mean, check that out…..

And after the ninjas Slugger had done their job helping the Dirtbags – they disappear.  Like… well you know…                  (Ninjas, they disappear like ninjas)

Of course they didn’t vanish without a trace. The Sluggers did leave something behind.

nice shoes.

lots and lots more photos of the Dirtbags on the Sluggers Flickr Stream, seriously lots and lots and lots

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