Clinic News

Well softball fans, we have some disappointing news. Sometime back we started organizing a pitching clinic to be held here in Roswell.  Last year’s first go around held at the local Boys & Girls Club went well, even if we didn’t have a huge turn-out.  It went well enough that we decided to schedule one for just after the new year.  After an extremely quick review of the calendar we chose Jan. 31st and Feb. 1st.  In hindsight, that calendar review may have been too quick.  Apparently there is some other sporting event that weekend that happens to conflict with our clinic.

In our defense we scheduled it way back in August.  So, oops.

What happens now is that we will have to reschedule our clinic to conflict with fewer nationally televised sports holidays.  As soon as we can coordinate that date on our end we will post updates to our calendar and you will know about it here.

So stay tuned.


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