Rain rain go away – Softball on another day.

Sorry softball fans.  The weather just didn’t agree with our plans for games today.  The Sluggers started out well at the 10:30 game even though it was drizzling before the game ever got going.

Even though the girls didn’t have a choice on whether or not they stayed dry some of our faithful fans found new and interesting ways of keeping out of the rain.

The Soggy Sluggers were doing well enough to convince our catcher to show a little enthusiasm while getting ready for her chance at bat.

But even good things must come to an end and the rain caused our good game to be cut short.  When the rain really started to fall it caused all of our Saturday games be cut short and postponed to another day.

Because there are only a few days the league doesn’t have regularly scheduled games the postponed games will be played on the next two Wednesdays.

If you have a game that has been postponed you can check your game calendar for the next two Wednesdays.

Remember that you can see all of our photos by clicking on any of the photos in this post or visiting our Sluggers Gallery.

If you have any photos of your softball player we’d love to see them.  Send them in and we’ll post them.


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