RGSA Big5 Rebate – 28th thru the 6th

Softball fans, it is finally March 28th, and you know what that means.

It’s time for the RGSA Big 5 Rebate!!!

Go to Big 5 Sports and present this rebate coupon and the RGSA will receive a 5% rebate on anything you purchase. It doesn’t even have to be softball equipment. You can buy some fishing gear or soccer cleats – whatever. You don’t even have to have the coupon with you. Just show them the coupon on your smartphone or tell them you would like your purchase to benefit the Roswell Girls Softball Association, and you’re good.
BIG 5 rebate cupon image

You have to get in there sometime between Friday, March 28th and Sunday, April 6th. So, anything in the store and anytime in those ten days.

Share this post with all your friends. Copy the coupon to your facebook page, email it to your grandma. Just get the word out and let everyone know.

Remember to thank the manager and staff of BIG 5 for the league. This isn’t something that they have to do for us.  BIG 5 does this out of generosity and a willingness to support our community and kids which is always appreciated.




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