Softball Registration Time is Finally Here

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to register your players.

The R.G.S.A. will be holding player registration this Saturday, February 8th.  From 10am till 2pm you can register your player for the R.G.S.A. spring season.  We will have a registration table at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex. We have also been lucky enough to have a spot donated at Big 5 Sporting Goods for a registration table.

So, you have two locations available for you to register your player.  Just remember: the costs is $45.00 per player and you must show the player’s birth certificate.

To make things a bit faster during registration go to our Registration Forms page and print out the form for your age division.  Fill it all out before hand and then when you walk up to the registration table you can be all “I totally got this!”

If you don’t manage to make it to Big 5 or the softball fields this weekend that’s ok.  We will also be holding registration at these locations each Saturday through March 1st.  Just don’t forget.


One response to “Softball Registration Time is Finally Here”

  1. best of luck with your registration. I have sat through many of these over the years…..have a great day….play ball!!!

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