5 responses to “LEX IS BACK”

  1. It’s Janessa #2 I miss u guys

    1. We miss you too Slugger. Jordan wishes you would come back. The team is just not the same without our lime green jello.

  2. I really wish I was still there 😦 with me luck up here,and plz tell the team I miss them also.
    I know I had to leave but I will show what u have thought me
    I will always look up to our team
    I know our team I missing a piece of the team, it will never affect it
    I will try to make one of the games
    If u have the chance plz text me the schedule

  3. Did y’all get new people and does anyone have my number

    1. Yes we did get a new player. Her name is Kaylynn but she likes to be called Moon. She is our new number 6. You know your number 2 is still here for you want it.

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