Sluggers End of the Season Party

We are greatly sorry for the delay getting this information out to you; however we have been monitoring the Little Bear Fire to see what it has been doing. Even last weekend’s Ruidoso softball tournament was moved to Roswell to be played. Here is what we have established through many phone calls to numerous people in Ruidoso.

We will all meet in Ruidoso at Schoolhouse Park located on the 500 block of Suddreth for a Slugger family picnic. This is the park located by Ruidoso’s city pool that has the waterslide. Please look for your Sluggers name below for what item is needed to be brought.

Alexis- 2 bags of Chips

Janessa- 2 bags of Chips

Hope- 2 bags of Chips

Mercedes- 2 bags of Chips

Terri- Potato Salad

Jasmine- Potato Salad

Sonny- Paper plates and Napkins

Lizette- Vegetable Tray

Champagne- Vegetable Tray

Kiara- Desert of Choice

Julia- Desert of Choice

Zeanna- Desert of Choice

Jordan- Sandwiches, Sodas, and Forks

After the picnic we will drive down to the 700 block of Suddreth and let the girls enjoy Funtrackers. Each girl will receive four tickets that are good for any of the activities except for the panning for gold. We would like for you to text coach Tommy for your RSVP and how many will be attending so that we know the amount of sodas and sandwiches we will need to take. Please text him soon so I have time to get everything together.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful season. Now let’s celebrate.


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