Sluggers Celebrate

The2011 season is officially over and the Sluggers have done great. I know we didn’t get first place but seven wins and one tie isn’t bad for a ten game season. The Sluggers started out a bit slow at the start of the season and had their two losses right of the top. One loss came on opening day against the Dexter Dazzlers which ended up being our highest scoring game of the season at 12-9. The second loss came in the very next game which was against Bat-Attitude and at a very close 4-2 was not easy to take. Going in the season the Sluggers were a bit over confident and that usually spells trouble.

After the girls were able to wrap their minds around the reality that they were actually going to have to work for a win they began to be Sluggers again. The girls started working together again and once they found their groove there was no stopping them. They were able to come back to tie with Dexter and beat Bat-Attitude in later games. By the end of this season the girls had a pretty good record and second place in league is nothing to laugh at.

Closing ceremonies on Thursday evening went as well as could be expected but the weather did not agree with the festivities. Roswell has not had rain in over 100 days and of course with the final games being played that night the clouds rolled in with some nasty wind and made things a bit unpleasant. I wouldn’t really call what came down rain. There was so much dust in the air from the wind that it was more like mud.

The foul weather did not stop the games or the cheers from the parents. Some of the game did drag a bit due to the frequent pauses to shield from the windblown dirt and sand, but they all completed without too much drama.

The ceremonies finally started around 8:15pm and the Sluggers were able to each receive a second place metal and ribbon as well as a large second place trophy for the Smith Engineering office lobby.

Even though we missed our catcher Terri and Jordan our short stop, all the girls had a good time watching the final games of the other teams and very much enjoyed receiving their awards.

All the girls got photos with the big trophy and went home with a great deal of well deserved pride.


The Sluggers will meet again this Friday for the end of season party. We have coordinated a meet and great with the local minor league baseball team The Roswell Invaders. We will have a small tailgate party in the ball field parking lot for the Slugger parents and family. After dinner the girls will get to meet the players and take the field for the game’s opening ceremonies. It should be a lot of fun for the girls. I think the Sluggers will get a big kick out of the fact that the two teams have the same color uniforms.

Get your green on and we’ll see you at the game.


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