Game 10: Sluggers vs. Sluggers – Sluggers Win!!

If you feel as though this blog reads differently, you’re right it’s Coach Candice. Tommy feels as though I always have enough hot air to run my mouth that he figures I would be just fine expanding my hot air in a more productive way. Unfortunately game ten was a miserable forfeit. Game ten was against Impact and they had a little difficulty getting all their players there after a busy last week at school. Sluggers came out and were ready to play a game, so that is exactly what we did. We asked Impact if they would like to at least scrimmage, but they respectfully declined the offer, therefore we split the Sluggers in half to play against each other. So we now approach a situation for game ten where Sluggers are both the winners and the losers. Sluggers broke up to create two six member teams, and the fans were hollering to cheer on their Slugger. Coach Tommy coached one group of girls, and I took the other group of girls. Tommy successfully pitched to the girls to get in two runs, and I successfully pitched poorly to the girls and this is why we all established that I should never be asked to pitch to the girls in practice, games, or anything otherwise. Sorry Sluggers! My team lost 0-2.

With game ten at a win, Sluggers have taken second place for the season. Great job Sluggers. Now get ready for our city tournament where we can aim for first place.

Because one of our girls had to take off early, our nephew Jayton stepped in to make the teams even again. Really, I think it was so he could impress the ladies, even though he struck out twice.

Hope is one of our younger players, but yet outstanding.

Who are we….SLUGGERS!


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