Player Draft This Week

Parents and Coaches, we will be running our player draft this week, so here is some info you should have.
Player check-ins start at 5:30 at the concession stand. The girls will be issued a number for their backs.
The skills portion of the draft will start around 6:00pm. If we see we have all of the girls and participating coaches on the field, then we may start a few minutes early.

Parents, please keep an eye on the weather. Draft will be in the evening and the sun will be going down about that time. If it looks to be cool that day, please don’t send you daughter out there in shorts and tank top. They won’t be comfortable and may not perform well.

2022 skills camp

Players should have their gloves and cleats when signing in for their draft. If players have face masks, bats and or batting helmets, they should bring those as well.

2022 skills camp

Coaches will be issued an index of player names with check-in numbers to help keep track of your potential new players. We suggest that coaches bring a notebook or clipboard and something to write with.

After the skills portion of the draft is completed the players and families are free to leave. At that point, coaches and board members will run through drafting players inside of the concession stand.

Here are the draft dates for this week.

  • 6U & 8U Draft, Monday evening (Feb 13th)
  • 10U & 12U Draft, Thursday evening (Feb 16th)
  • 13+ / 14 and up, Friday evening (Feb 17th)
    Check in at 5:30pm / Skills start at 6:00pm

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