RGSA Board Member Info

Here is the list of RGSA Board Members for the Spring 2021 Season.

President –               Ashley Albrecht – 575-317-7458
Vice President –        Jessie Payne – 575-637-8696
Secretary –                Candice Rincon – 575-444-7911
Treasurer –                Aubrey Waldron – 575-218-4878

Parents and Coaches are encouraged to utilize their respective Age Group Rep, as much as possible. They can be extremely helpful with numerous issues and questions that arise in the season.

6U Rep. –                  Brian Casaus – 575-840-5199
8U Rep. –                  Crystal Gonzales – 505-304-0394‬
10U Rep. –                to be announced
12U/14U Rep. –        Richard Hernandez – 575-420-4791
Umpire Liaison –      Richard Hernandez – 575-420-4791

Equipment Mgr –     Brian Casaus – 575-840-5199

Field Maintenance – Steven Aquirre – 575-840-3784

If you are interested in serving on the board please contact your age division representative.

All of this information has also been posted onto the RGSA Board page.

Remember, the RGSA Board is here to support our kids and coaches. I bet they would even sport your team colors or logo if you asked really nicely.

That Slugger logo you got there is a little old but still looks great Ashley. Thanks prez.


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