Fall Ball is Coming!!

Here’s our first info for this year’s fall ball league.  You’ll soon start seeing our little fliers all over town.


Remember, your player’s age division is defined by how old they were on January 1st of this year.  The 5&6 year olds in the 6U, 7&8 in the 8U, 9&10 in the 10U, 11&12 in the 12U and 13&14 in the 14U age division.
Click on the age division you need and print out the registration form.
6U     8U   10U      14U

Don’t forget your player’s birth certificate.

Games will be on Monday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday afternoons.
Registration will take place through August.  Practices start in September and games start on September 24.  Last games will be October 22nd (Zombie Ball).  Everyone is invited to dress up as zombies.

Remember, for fall ball, the league doesn’t track team rankings so there is no first or last place.  Fall ball is intended to be a time for the league and coaches to focus on teaching technique and basic softball skills to their teams.   We also don’t have any official opening or closing ceremonies.  We don’t give out any trophies at the end of fall ball but that’s why we have Zombie Ball for our last Saturday of games.  So prepare yourself.

The Zombies are coming…..

Please feel free to share our flier and dates.


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