Awesome is right.

We received some great photos of the newly formed 6U team – the Flying Lizards With Tiaras.  Now these photos are from last week’s game against team Orange Crush.  Orange Crush is an older team and they went undefeated last spring, so they are a formidable opponent to say the least.

No, the pint-size purple people didn’t come out with the big win this time but they all tried very hard and check out that game face.

Clearly there is some great raw talent in those tiny purple shirts.

I have not doubt that it won’t be long before we see those royal lizards in the winners circle.

Don’t forget you can see all of the photos of the amazing Flying Lizards With Tiaras just by clicking on any of the photos.  That will take you to that game’s photo library.

Of course, this is the Sluggers blog so, you can also follow this photo link to our last game. In the link you can find a couple of new faces on the team
-and of course a bunch of the same old nerds we all know and love.

We also have a few videos and some other photos in there.

Some that defy description.
Who knows what’s going on here –


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