Instructional Video – How to kill a home-run.

– First you need a very strong hit into the out-field. It really was a nice hit.

– Then allow the runner to round second base and gain momentum.

– Next, get the ball to the infield and watch the runner keep moving towards third base.

– After the runner rounds third and you hear the parents in the bleachers yelling – “HOME! HOME!” move to the last step.

– Relax.  The Sluggers are on the field and Champagne has two things, the ball and a cannon for an arm.  And then you can remember that Mercedes is at home-plate and the ball is practically magnetically drawn to her glove. – So relax.  The Sluggers have got it handled.

So, how do you kill a home-run?  Get the Sluggers to take care of it.


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