RGSA Opening Day Drawing

Attention all you softball fans.  Every year the RGSA has an opening day prize drawing as a fund-raiser to help off-set some of the regular season costs.  The tickets for our drawing were handed out to the coaches at our last meeting and should have already been handed out to all the players by now.  Each player has been given 20 tickets to sell before the next coach’s meeting this Thursday.  The league must have all the tickets sold so we can cover the drawing prizes and regular operating costs, like umps and end of season trophies.

We have had a few questions on what the prizes will be, so here is a list of what will be given away.

Coaches remember, we need the ticket money and stubs turned in at this Thursday’s coach’s meeting.  So you may want to get your players to turn in all their stuff before that.

Coach’s Meeting:
Location – 401 Pennsylvania Ave.
Time – 7:00pm

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