NCAA Women’s College World Series

Slugger fans,

We all know that your worlds revolve around all things slugger.  That of course is just how it should be and any one that isn’t totally up-to-date on the Sluggers’ game record or practice schedule needs to be introduced to the back of your hand, “swiftly introduced”.  With that said, there are other things that a good slugger fan can partake in and enjoy.

Namely the NCAA Women’s’ Collage World Series.

I know, I know this isn’t necessarily “Sluggers” related but it is softball and I supposed we’ll let it slide this time.

All jokes aside, there are some amazing athletes on these teams and it’s truly exiting to think one or our Sluggers could be playing at that level one day.   Just image our Birdy making a double play covering second base for Tennessee or Lizette the Jet rounding the bases to score one for Oklahoma.

Pretty cool, at least I think so.

The first of the final three games start tonight on ESPN.  Oklahoma and Tennessee – best two out of three takes it all.  Here is a link to the NCAA bracket so you can see who got knocked off and where.

Our game starts at 6:00 but you know what we’ll be doing after.


One response to “NCAA Women’s College World Series”

  1. Coach- I recommended that our players and parents watch the tournament too. To my surprise they’ve been coming to practice telling me about the games they watched. What a great opportunity it is to for our girls to learn the game from watching softball at the elite level!

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