Game 7: Sluggers Hit Parade

I didn’t let the Sluggers know but I was a bit nervous about game 7. Coach Candice was going to be unable to attend and, don’t tell her but, she’s kind of the glue that keeps the team together. Without her there I had the feeling the girls were going to lose their focus. As the Sluggers went up to bat in the first inning it looked like my fears of a disintegrating team would come true. With our first three batters up and out right in a row I started to get a strong sense of imminent failure. Then all of a sudden, as our pitcher (Champagne) and catcher (Mercedes) went to work the Lil Divas were up and out in pretty much the same fashion. Once we got into inning two our girls showed the Lil Divas how they got their name, and started hitting. Our first hit came from Jordan’s super hard tap that earned her a single. That single worked well for us when Mercedes popped a great hit over third base to get Jordan on second and Jasmine tapped a slow one along the third base line to get an overthrow at third and Jordan ran in for point one. As soon as Jasmine got to first base Terri came up to bat and was able to snap a fantastic drive straight through second base which moved everyone down the line and hit Mercedes in for point number two – FANTASTIC. There wasn’t a lot of fielding going on for the Sluggers because most of the action was taking place between the pitching mound and home plate. Even though the Lil Divas did had a few good solid hits the Sluggers, with some fast footwork and great throws, were able to keep them from making it all the way around the bases. There was a quick infield drive that looked like the Lil Divas could turn into something but our shortstop Jordan made a spectacular pickup and throw to first base (Sonny) and that runner didn’t have a chance. Jordan – GREAT JOB SLUGGER!!!

We also had one high flyer sent out just left of second base but luckily for us we always have Hope on our side. Our center fielder Hope was on the spot and had that ball infield without hesitation and was able to keep that hitter on first base and that’s where she stayed for the rest of the inning. The rest of the game kept the same theme and The Sluggers were able to hold down the Lil Divas as well as get another two points in the four inning. One of our most underappreciated players was in great form for game 7. Due to the fact that there wasn’t a lot of activity in the field she got a lot of play and was very well highlighted for her skill at home plate. Our catcher Mercedes has just been amazing this season and has given some of the best glove work of any of the girls. Not only is Mercedes great behind the plate but she’s super with a bat as well, as you’ve seen in the video. So, for Mercedes, not only can she rock the ball she can stop it too. GOOD JOB KID.


With all the hitting going on the girl’s stats have really been all over the place. Checkout the Slugger Stats and the photos for this game.

Don’t forget our next game is this Thursday @ 6:00pm so bring your green and let’s get loud!!!


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