Game 6: Sluggers Redemption

The first time the Sluggers faced Bat-Attitude they played well but it wasn’t enough to win the game and Bat-Attitude was able to beat the Sluggers 4-2. With that win over the Sluggers Bat-Attitude was able to generate a winning streak and create an undefeated season. This chain of wins was broken Thursday evening in game 6 of the season.

The Slugger girls played the team Bat-Attitude for the second time and this time the Sluggers were focused and ready to play. Well maybe “focused” isn’t the right word, but they were definitely ready to play.

It took only a few minutes for the Sluggers to get going and get their game faces on.

With this being only the second “girl pitch” game of the year there was some concern of how well the girls would hit off the other team’s pitcher. This fear wasn’t entirely un-founded. The Sluggers had issues hitting the pitches from Bat-Attitude, but that wasn’t totally due to the Sluggers. Not all of the Bat-Attitude pitches were over the plate so some of the hits the girls were able to get had to be made from “coach pitch” after the player had used all of her shots.

This may have slowed them down but it didn’t keep the Sluggers from getting on base and were able to get 2 runs in during the third inning.

All that was left to do was to keep Bat-Attitude from making any points. Even though it would take some work, and help from the field, the Slugger pitcher (Champagne) was up to the task. Warming up in the first inning was a bit tense but the Sluggers survived without giving up any points to Bat-Attitude. Champagne easily found her groove in the second inning and was able to get the majority of the game outs from the pitching mound.

Even with Champagne’s amazing pitching skills 1 or 2 hits were made but the Sluggers had the field covered and made sure the runners never got too far. The hits off of Champagne’s pitches didn’t happen very often which is great but it did have a small side effect on the girls in the field. Some of the Sluggers got a bit distracted and had to be reminded to focus on the game.

As the game ended the Sluggers were able to hold and finished in the lead. As all Sluggers should be, the girls were gracious and polite and gave the Bat-Attitude team a closing cheer at their dugout.

After which they ran to home plate for a well-earned “SLUGGERS” yell and a quick photo opp.

Final Score: 2-0 Sluggers. Good job girls!!!!

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  1. Thx for trying to describe the terminlogy to the rookies!

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