Game 5: Sluggers tie Dexter Dazzlers (0-0)

The 7:30pm game against the Dexter Dazzlers started off fast. It’s a good thing we warmed up the Sluggers early because as soon as the 6:00pm game ended the umpire called us out to bat and it was time to play. The speed of everything sort of threw the girls off a bit we didn’t even have enough time to pull all of the bats out of the bag.

The lack of set-up time was one thing but with this game being the first girl pitch game of the season, the Sluggers were a bit off balance in the first inning. You could really tell that the Dexter pitcher had trained well but still had a few wild throws. The Slugger’s pitcher (Janessa) did a great job at the pitcher’s rubber. Janessa was able to strike out at least 5 or 6 of the Dazzlers and Sluggers defense picked off the rest. Our second base last night (Alexis) had a great pop-fly catch for an out in the second inning and first base (Sonny) was able to get 1 or 2 outs with some help from the infield.

Getting hit by the ball got us a few bases but the Sluggers were able to get few good batting hits through the game. Jordan had a solid double to center field but unfortunately we didn’t get any other hits in that inning and she never got past second base. We had a few rough batting calls on us by the umpire but were still able to get to first base more than a few times.

With the base hitting going both ways the game was a heck of a nail biter. Going into the last inning as a tie the batting team is able to place a runner on second to promote the possibility of getting a run hit in but neither defense was willing to give up a run.

In the end both teams did well and we were extremely proud of the Sluggers ability to keep pace with a team that has been traveling the tournament circuit since the middle of last year. THE SLUGGERS DID GREAT!! Final score 0-0.

Don’t forget to check out the stats and see who has the best numbers, they update after every game.

The Sluggers
next game is this Thursday the 5th at 6:00pm.

Get your green on and help cheer the Sluggers to a win.


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