Last night the Sluggers played the Hot Shots at 7:30pm. The Sluggers started at bat and set the tempo for the game. The two runs the Sluggers made felt really good but watching the girls get three Hot Shots batters out right in a row felt even better. The next three innings fell right in place with the Sluggers doing some great fielding at shortstop (Mercedes), pitcher (Janessa), rover (Champagne) and first base (Sonny). Our left field (Alexis) also had a good play as a hard fly ball flew just over her and she was able to use some of that “Slugger Speed” she keeps in her bright red shoes to rundown the ball and get it back into the infield to stop the runner at second base. I’m sure the Hot Shots expected that hit to be a homerun but Lex wasn’t going to let that happen.

The Sluggers all played very well last night but there was one that stood out above the rest. Not only did this Slugger not strike out, she ran home to make one point and hit three other runners in for points. She also tagged a runner out at home plate to stop a run in and was able to catch a low foul ball for an out on a hitter. All of that amazing skill, speed and effort earned her the best Slugging % with a 0.141 and the title of MVP(most valuable player). Our catcher (Terri) is here by granted the title of SUPER SLUGGER for game four of the season. GOOD JOB!!!

Final score: 8-5, Sluggers

Don’t forget to check-out the Slugger Stats page and the game schedule to the right of this post. We have an updated schedule so make sure to review. You can click the link 2011 Sluggers Calendar for a full view or just glance at the sidebar.

Our next game is on Tue. the 3rd at 7:30pm against Dexter. This is our chance to redeem ourselves for that loss in the second game of the season.

Get your green on and let’s go!!!


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