Sluggers Week Off

After not having a game for more than a week the Sluggers will be playing tomorrow at 6:00pm. We have continued our practice schedule but have had no games due to the Easter weekend and the Goddard High School’s game schedule overlapping ours. I hate having gaps in the games like that, it’s hard to get the girls back into the rhythm. We’ve tried to keep up with the practice schedule for the last week but canceled the one on Easter Sunday. We’ll have a special short batting practice tonight at 5:30pm to try and make-up for what they missed yesterday and just try and keep the girls on their toes.

The Sluggers do so well after the first couple of innings of the game, they just seem to start slow. I need to figure out a way to get them psyched up before each game so they can go in ready.

– this would be a lot easier if I were a better coach!!!


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