Game 3 – finally a win.

Game three of the season went very well. The Sluggers played the Lil Divas tonight and gave a heck of a show. As home team the Sluggers took the field first with the Divas getting one run. The Lil Divas gave a great fight but our girls were finally playing like Sluggers. The girls quickly made up the run they gave and then some. At the end of the fourth inning the Sluggers were in a comfortable lead and were able to hold the Divas. By the middle of the last inning the girls went up to bat with nothing to worry about and finished the game as winners. The final score was 7-4 and Sluggers put the first win of the season in the books. If the girls can keep up the fight they showed tonight this won’t be our only one.

Don’t forget to check out the updated stats page to see how the girls’ numbers are shaping up this season.


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