Charlie McVay Softball Complex Map

The complex is located at 1500 North Grand Ave., just north of the Wool Bowl.

The map below shows our field layout.  Fields “A” through “C” on the west side of the complex are the adult men’s fields and the Roswell Girls Softball Association only uses those for tournaments.  Fields “E” through “H” are the fields the R.G.S.A. uses for regular league games.  Click this link to view in Google Maps.

For regular league games the R.G.S.A. divides fields by age group as follows: 6U play on field “H” and 8U play on field “E”.  The 10U teams play on field “F”, and the 12U teams will play on fields “G” and occasionally field “H”. The 14U teams play on field “G” and “H”.  These arrangements may change due to the number of teams in any particular age division.  The fact that three of the four fields are now the same size age divisions can move around a bit.


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