Charlie McVay Softball Complex Map

The complex is located at 1500 North Grand Ave., just north of the Wool Bowl.

The map below shows our field layout.  Fields “A” through “C” on the west side of the complex are the adult men’s fields and the Roswell Girls Softball Association only uses those for tournaments.  Fields “E” through “H” are the fields the R.G.S.A. uses for regular league games.  Click this link to view in Google Maps.

For regular league games the R.G.S.A. divides fields by age group as follows: 6U play on field “H” and 8U play on field “E”.  The 10U teams play on field “F”, and the 12U teams will play on fields “G” and occasionally field “H”. The 14U teams play on field “G” and “H”.  These arrangements may change due to the number of teams in any particular age division.  The fact that three of the four fields are now the same size age divisions can move around a bit.


11 responses to “Charlie McVay Softball Complex Map”

  1. Is there a place to set up a tent and camp out?

  2. There is a very large gravel area south of the parking lot that is suitable for trailers, (no utility hook-ups), but there is no camping in the fields. During tournaments, we’ve also have folks setup in the parking lot west of the bowl. There’s lots of room there. That works well for the older age divisions because it’s closer to the bigger fields.

    1. Is there an RV park close bye, that’s pretty safe ?

      1. There are a couple of RV parks less than a mile away on East Collage Blvd and on Atkinson Ave. I don’t know how full they are but those would be the closest places with utility hook-ups.

  3. Samantha N Steinruck Avatar
    Samantha N Steinruck

    I was wondering when spring softball registration starts?

  4. Samantha N Steinruck Avatar
    Samantha N Steinruck

    Hello, I was wondering when sign-ups were happening?

    1. Samantha,

      We are holding registration this Saturday at the fields from 9:00am till 1:00pm. There is more info on our main page here.


    Can you dry camp at the complex?

    1. There is actually plenty of room for that. We do ask that you setup just West of the Woolbowl Stadium where there is plenty of parking area or just South of our main parking area just off of our paved parking lot. We ask that you DO NOT park in the main paved parking area in front of our entrance. Large vehicles make is difficult to see the kids in the parking lot.

      If you have a camper or RV feel free to come on down. We don’t have any utility hook-ups but we do have the room.

  6. Is field G wheelchair accessible?

    1. Yes, all four of our fields and restrooms are ADA compliant.

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