RGSA Forms

Below you will find copies of this year’s Player Registration Forms, Sponsor Form, Coaches App and a few others.


Remember, your player’s age division is defined by their birth year per the USSSA age chart .

Here is the age division break-down:
5&6 year olds,  – 6U FORM
7&8 year olds,  – 8U FORM
9&10 year olds,  – 10U FORM
11&12 year olds,  – 12U FORM
13-16 year olds, – 16MAX FORM

The coaches application and background check needs to be filled out and completed for everyone that will be helping with the players during the games or practices.  Just take it in-to the Roswell Police Department and have them run it through the system – takes about five minutes and there is no fee.

RGSA Coaches App

All coaches must complete the concussion awareness certificate.  We ask that all RGSA coaches complete this short program to help provide one more level of protection for our athletes. Once you complete the course, download the certificate and email it to – sluggers.rgsa@live.com 

Here is a link to complete your training certificate.
HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training

Remember any checks made to the RGSA will be deposited into the RGSA account.  If your sponsor wishes to provide you with more than the sponsorship fee listed on the form, make sure they make a check to the league and then one to your team.

RGSA Spring 2023 Season Sponsor Form

This form must be signed by the player and parents/guardians before the player is allowed to play. -RGSA Code of Conduct

USSSA Insurance
Coaches, remember that all of our players are insured through our governing body the United State Specialty Sports Association (USSSA). As such, if a player is injured during a game or practice an incident report / form will need to be filled out and submitted to USSSA. The following is a link to the form.
USSSA Incident Form

A Little Extra For You

Draft Skills Spreadsheet:
If you are a coach and will be drafting your entire team or just need to pickup a few players to complete your roster here is a simple spreadsheet that may help.  Along the left edge are the girls’ draft numbers.  As each player works through the skills you rank their abilities on a scale of 1-3 (3 being the best). You will notice the “P.-3″ column in the center of the sheet. The “P.-3″ line is the “Parent Factor” and is a -3 points. This is for those sideline coaching parents that like to bark at the girls.  We don’t mind cheers but yelling and negative comments don’t help the girls so we try our best to prevent any of that with our Sluggers.  You may choose to not use this column while picking your team but for the Sluggers we try to keep those type of parents out of our bleachers.

If you think this sheet will help in your draft feel free to use it.  Here is a link to a pdf copy as well as the excel file.

If you are planning on new equipment for your player please see our Equipment Tips sheet below.


3 responses to “RGSA Forms”

  1. Angel R. Gordo Avatar
    Angel R. Gordo

    Our sponsor is needing a W-9 form from RGSA , it is a big company who is donating more than $150 can you please upload that document here for us to print. a.s.a.p. Pleease

    1. Angel,
      I can’t post that tax info on the web but send me your e-mail address number and I’ll see if I can get Denna to send you what you need. What team do you coach?

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