8U Rules

Revised Spring 2023

1. Each game will be on a 75-minute finish the inning time limit or 7 innings whichever comes first. If time has expired and the home team is leading in runs the game will be called, if visitor is up we will finish the inning. If after time has expired there is a tie, we will move to international tie breaker if after one inning score is still tied the game will end in a tie.

2. The 3 outs or 5 run rule will be in effect for each inning a run rule will be in effect, run rule is 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5.

3. The head coach will produce a lineup card at the start of each game, the use of a DP/flex is not allowed in this division. Each lineup card shall contain team name, coaches name, players first and last name and players’ number.

4. The offensive batting line up may be any number from 8 to all players present at game time. An automatic out will be taken if only 8 batters, when batting more than 8. If any position becomes vacant due to illness, or ejection it will be an out if a substitute is not available.

5. The defensive team must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10 defensive players, but no more than 6 including the catcher can be positioned inside the infield baselines.

6. The pitcher must have at least one foot on the pitching rubber and in the circle while pitching. No other defensive players may be positioned inside the circle at the same time.

7. This season we have changed the pitching from coach pitch to player pitch. The batter will receive 4 pitches from the pitcher if after 4 pitches the ball has not been put into play the coach will be given 2 pitches to the player. If the ball is not put into play during player or coach pitches an out will be called. If player hits a foul ball, the batter will continue to be at bat until the ball is put into play or the player strikes out. Coaches please do not tell players not to swing at player pitches. The intention of this rule is to develop pitchers at an early age and to get the batters used to swinging at players’ pitches. If an umpire suspects a coach instructing a player not to swing at player pitches, the coach will be restricted to dug out and if a second offense occurs will be ejected from play. Coaches that are delivering a pitch to the batter will deliver the pitch with one foot on the pitching rubber and make an effort to avoid interfering with the play. Coaches will not be allowed to coach the batter during pitching.

8. Bunting is not allowed, if a ball is bunted the batter is out and all runners return to the base last occupied at the time of the pitch.

9. The infield fly rule is not in effect; the ball remains live with all runners in jeopardy of being put out or advancing to next base.

10. A runner may not lead off a base until the pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand, if a runner leaves early the ball is dead a “no pitch” is declared by the umpire and the runner is declared out.

11. Time will be called when a defensive player has possession of the ball with at least one foot in the pitcher’s circle. If a runner is more than halfway to the next base when time is called, the runner will be awarded the next base. If they are not halfway to the next base when time is called, they will be returned to the previous base safely.

12. The batter runner will only be allowed one base on an overthrow.

13. There will only be one warning for a player that throws a bat while batting, if a batter has been warned and it happens a second time the player will be called out. This will be at the discretion of the umpire.

14. Players must attempt to throw the ball, no purposeful underhand rolling of the ball to another player.

15. Players may perform a legal slide on any base except first. No headfirst slide on any base.

16. There will be only one minute to switch offense and defense. Coaches, please get your pitchers and catchers on the field for warm up pitches as quickly as possible. Please use a substitute for catchers and pitchers to speed the process up.

17. If you are the first team listed on the schedule you will be on the first base dugout, second team will be on the third base dugout.

18. The home and visiting teams will be determined at the plate meeting by a coin toss.

19. Batters hit by a pitch will not be awarded 1st base, a ball will be called by the umpire.

20. Only base coaches and a pitching coach are allowed on the field during play.

21. Coaches this age division is intended for learning the fundamentals of softball, so we would like to encourage the batters to swing at pitches delivered by players. We also want to encourage early pitching skills and development. Please encourage good sportsmanship and lead by example and be good role models for your team.