6U Rules

Revised Spring 2023

1. Each game will have a 65 minute time limit or complete 2 innings. Each team will bat their entire line up while on offense. A player can be put out and will be counted but the 3 out rule will not be in effect for this age division. Once the last batter has an at bat offense will switch to defense. Each team will have 2 at bats during the game. There will be no tie breaker for this division; the game can end in a tie if both teams have scored the same number of runs. 

2. There will be no run rule in this division. 

3. The coach will submit a line up at the plate meeting. The lineup must include each player’s first and last name, player number, player position, team name and coaches’ name. 

4. There may be 10 players on the field at a time. This will include a roving fielder and this position must be an outfield position and must be in the grass section of the outfield. 

5. The batter will receive 3 pitches from the coach to put the ball into play. If after 3 pitches the batter has not put the ball into play the tee will be placed on home plate. The batter then has 1 attempt to put the ball into play, if the batter hits a foul ball the batter has 1 more attempt to put the ball into play. If the tee is knocked over during the batters at bat an out will be called by the umpire. 

6. The coach will deliver a pitch from inside the circle with at least 1 foot on the pitching rubber. Coaches, please deliver a straight level pitch not a lob or arch pitch to batter.

7. The coach will not interfere with a batted or thrown ball during play. If a coach interference occurs during play the batter will be called out and all base runners will return to the base last occupied at the time of the pitch or throw. If a second occurrence happens the coach will be restricted to the dugout and a new pitching coach will take their place at pitching. Pitching coach will not be allowed to coach the batter from the pitching circle.

8. The coach must make every effort to move out of the way of a batted ball, if the coach is hit by a batted ball a “dead ball” will be called by the umpire and batter will be granted 1st base no runners will advance unless 1st base is occupied. This will be at the umpires’ discretion.

9. No base on stealing is allowed, if a runner steals a base an out will be called on the runner.

10. If a runner is caught leaving a base prior to the release of a pitch, the umpire may call the runner out. 

11. There will be only 1 base on an overthrow, if a player is past the halfway point when time is called the umpire will grant the next base. The play will be called dead when a defensive player has made an attempt to throw the ball to the pitching circle. This will be at umpire discretion.

12. One warning will be given to any player that throws a bat, after the first offense that player will be called out. This will be at umpire discretion.

13. While on defense 2 coaches will be allowed in the outfield and will not interfere with a play or a player making a play on a ball.

14. Players must attempt to throw the ball, no under hand rolling will be permitted.

15. Sliding will be allowed but must be a legal slide, no head-first sliding will be allowed in this division.

16. Coaches, please use substitute players as a courtesy runner for pitchers and catchers. There will be only 1 minute to switch from offense to defense. Please get catcher’s gear on and ready for the player to take the field.

17. On the schedule if your team is listed first your team will take the 1st base dugout, if second on schedule your team will have third base dugout.

18. Coaches, this age division is intended to let the girls develop a love for the game of softball and to teach the fundamental skills of the game. All players must play and can be substituted any time on defense. Please have fun!!!