6U Rules

Spring 2022

  1. Each game will be 65 minutes finish the inning or 7 innings whichever comes first. If the two teams are tied once the ball game has been called, the game will end in a tie.

  2. Each inning will consist of 3 outs or 5 runs.

  3. Run rule- 15 after 3 inning, 10 after 4 innings, 7 after 5 innings.

  4. The coach for each team will submit a lineup that includes every player on the team in a batting order. This batting order will be followed in the game regardless if the player has played in the field or not that inning.

  5. There may be 10 players in the field at a time. This will include a roving fielder. The roving fielder must be in the outfield. Players who are designated as right, right-center, left, and left -center field must play (set-up) in the grass outfield.

  6. This division is intended for learning softball skills therefore all players must play. Players may be substituted at any time in the field.

  7. The batter will get 3 pitches to put the ball into play. If after the three pitches the batter does not put the ball into play, the tee will be used. The batter then has one chance to put the ball into play. If the tee is knocked over, the batter is out. If the ball is hit foul, the batter can have another opportunity to put the ball into play.

  8. The coach may begin pitch at the front of the pitching circle with at least one foot within the circle or can choose to begin pitch with one foot on the rubber.

  9. The coach/pitcher will not interfere with the batted ball, or with a defensive player trying to make a play on the batted ball. The batter will be called out for this infraction and all runners will return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. If this happens twice in the same game, the coach/pitcher will be asked to leave the field and the team will have to enter a new coach/pitcher. The coach/pitcher may coach from the dugout, but not return to the field the rest of the game.

  10. The coach/ pitcher must make every attempt to move out of the way of batted ball. If the ball hits coach/pitcher it’s considered a dead ball and player takes 1st base, however runs don’t advance unless 1st base is occupied. If the coach/pitcher intentionally gets in way of ball the batter will be out. This will be at umpire’s discretion.

  11. No base stealing will be allowed. A runner trying to steal a base will be called out.

  12. No bunting is allowed. A bunt attempt will be considered a strike.

  13. If a runner is caught leaving a base prior to the release of a pitch, the umpire may call them out.

  14. Only one base will be allowed per overthrow. The play will be dead with an attempted throw to the pitcher.

  15. Each player gets one warning for throwing the bat. After that, the player will be called out if they throw the bat. This will be at the discretion of the umpire.

  16. Halfway marks between bases are for the purpose of once the ball is in action and the player attempts to throw the ball in-field the runner will either have to go back to previous base or will be allowed to stay at the base she was attempting, depending on which side of the line she was on at the attempt to throw the ball in-field. Call will be at the discretion of the umpire.

  17. Home team is official score keeper. Visiting team will be responsible to rake the baselines around bases, home plate, and pitching mounds.

  18. Lineup will consist of all players to bat but only 10 on the field. When the team ends their turn at bat, the next time up, the lineup will start where it left off.

  19. On defense, only two coaches are allowed in the grass outfield. The coaches will not interfere with a batted ball, or with a defensive player trying to make a play on the batted ball.

  20. Players must attempt to throw the ball. No purposeful underhand rolling the ball to a player.

  21. Sliding will be allowed. If injuries become an issue during the season due to sliding it is the boards’ discretion to discontinue sliding for the remainder of the season.

  22. There will only be one minute to transfer players from batting to fielding. (If two outs and catcher is on the bases, put in your last out to run for the catcher so she can get ready to speed that process up).

  23. In the schedule, if you are the first team listed, you will be in the first base dugout, and the second team will be in the third base dugout. The home and visiting teams will be determined with a coin toss at the plate meeting.